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☆SRain The Savi Mistress of Sterling Creek☆
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~Our White Labrador Male~
☆I'm Your Huckleberry of
Sterling Creek☆
"Huck" is our snow white English style
male.  He is a well mannered, gentle
retriever.  Huck is tested & cleared of EIC,
DM, CNM, Cystinuria, PRA/prcd & RD/OSD.
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abbreviations mean*
OFA:  Good Hips, Normal Elbows
95 pounds - 24" tall
Available for stud service to approved
females. - Photo left taken July, 2019
Full registration available to approved breeders
ONLY. White puppy deposit is $300.

Zima 11/21/20 litter -all sold
Male - Porter
ale - Miller
Female - Fisher
female - Matsler
female - Sold

Stella, as a puppy, white lab
☆Sterling Creek's Streetcar
Named Desire☆
"Stella" is an excellent retriever on land &
water & swims effortlessly.  She is also very
"birdie" & loves guns (seriously). She is a
short compact girl & snow white.
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Stella's Pedigree
☆Sterling Creek's Zima Over Ice☆
"Zima" is English style, snow white & very
thick.  She's cleared by parentage of EIC, DM,
CNM, Cystinuria, RD/OSD & the K gene. Click to
Zima's Pedigree
21" tall & 80 lbs - Zima is thick boned & bodied.
Last litter born 11/21, now retired!
Huck, white lab, as a puppy
Silver Labs
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All of our white labs are non dilute, meaning they DO NOT carry
any "silver" heritage in their pedigree. All of their pedigrees
consist of show & field trial champions.  
At right are a few past
light cream pups by
Huck out of a light
yellow female.
2016 - Past Huck & Savi pups....
Our White Females